A Dream Re-shuffled: A Mixed Media Painting Inspired by a Song

This post is all about an experiment to create a work of art borne from a multi-sensory experience.

Blending the Senses With Art and Music

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere! Today’s post is part one of a two part series. In this series, I will detail an experiment in which I attempt to incorporate two senses using two… Continue reading

I <3 Greeting Cards

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, Just a quick announcement today: I love making greeting cards!  It all started when I was a young girl. I would cut and paste pictures from magazines or… Continue reading

This is My Brain on Art

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, This post will serve as a brief introduction to a new segment/art experiment on my blog entitled: This is my brain on art.  This recurring segment will explore the thought and… Continue reading

Annotated Audrey’s Coloring Book: Volume 2

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, I am pleased to announce that tonight I am releasing the second volume in my coloring book series. If you haven’t seen my first coloring book, go ahead and… Continue reading

Nerdy Crafts: Comic Book Guitar (Wonder Woman)

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, Since I wasn’t able to attend SD Comic Con this year, I decided to celebrate my nerdiness in another way-by engaging in some awesome comic book craft time! Last… Continue reading

One Color at a Time- Coloring “The Bride”

Hello Citizens of The Blogosphere, In today’s quick post I’ll share with you the creative process behind my illustration, “The Bride.” Ready? Okay.. here we go. This is the pencil sketch I started with.  … Continue reading

Mixed Media Art: Mod Podge and Acrylic Paint

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, I’ve been really into mixed media art lately. Recently, I’ve been combining illustrations like this one….   with art boards covered in book pages or paintings like this one…… Continue reading

Shades of Lynn

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, Today I will explore the use of color in devising unique characterizations of the same image.   This is the original black and white illustration. Lynn is Black Lines… Continue reading

Black and White Illustrations

Hello Citizens of the Blogosphere, Today I share with you some of my most recent black and white illustrations. I’m thinking that some of these will end up in a new digital coloring book, which… Continue reading

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